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Marco Bettinelli - Wood Executive

Hi, I'm Marco Bettinelli, Wood Executive at Parál. For many many years now I have been part of the amazing reality of Quid, whose values ​​I fully share: Parquet by Quid is not Just a mere floor, no. Quid  becomes a lifestyle and exclusive experience at your home, shop or office.  Quid's Parquet floor is a perfect ally, it will help you at fully harmonizing colors and furnishings . Quid, joint with our expertise, will transpform your living or working environment into a place you'll hardly will want to walk out from ! Of course, every interior design / hardwood floor combination requires its own tailored solution , in order to enhance its beauty, elements and colors. Feel free to talk contact me and let me guide you tohrough the creation of  the ideal hardwood floor solution for your environment. 

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