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QUID is not a product, it is a tailored solution to help you create the ideal environment, design and atmosphere.  It is not about choosing among a pre-made list of products within a catalogue.

Quid is about listening to your wants and thoroughly getting to know your unique taste and only then, creating together the ideal solution.

You'll be given the white glove treatment through a complete range of consulting services regarding:

  • Project management

  • Design and space planning 

  • Architectural insights

  • Technical feasibility studies
    ...and much, much more

By coupling consulting with the customized creations of products, rest assured that the end solution will be totally, "calibrated" on all aspects you deem relevant; from the architecture of the property (including aspects like wall aesthetics, lights, heating system...)  to your unique preferences and needs.

Whether you are an Architect, Designer, Private or Corportate client, every project will start with a consultation.

The complete satisfaction of the most sophisticated needs and requests can only be achieved through intense, active listening combined with a vast and profound expertise.

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