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Giorgia Scarafiotti - Architect and Wood Designer

Here I am! I'm Giorgia Scarafiotti, an architect with a great conviction: it all starts with listening! Listening to you, your passions and your desires. Without the understanding of one's emotions and desires, everything in life becomes more complicated. In my work, listening to your needs is a fundamental mission: how many times did you happen to talk to a professional and tell him about your needs, desires and intentions and receive an answer that is diametrically opposite from everything you had told? That issue for me and for our company culture is unacceptable. The prolonged happines of our customers, the healthy relationship we establish with each of them and the continuous craving to improve our results, are all proof that without listening there is no project that can be considered satisfactory. If you want to discuss your project with an architect, having the certainty of being really listened to, feel free to talk to me, I will be happy to dive into your needs.

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