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Umberto Boselli - Founder

Hi, I'm Umberto Boselli, founder of Parál and the brand Quid:1964. Our company was born 30 years ago with a single purpose: to provide the most impactful and exclusive experience to our customers,  starting from the totally personalized advice related to the choice of  parquet to use in their home, shop or office.  One of my objectives is  to help you to maximize the visual space of their environments and to create an ideal harmony between floor and furniture, adding beauty with the best matching parquet for that intrinsic context. Over the years, I realized how important is for each one of us  to feel VITAL, POSITIVE , BLISSFUL... and, believe me, achieving these three states can be complicated without the right Harmony of colors and shapes in the place where you spend the majority of your free time. I will make my expertise and my team available to your project: whether you are a professional, contractor or a private individual:  let me guide you step by step to create, together, a spectacular hardwood floor customized for your environment and taste.

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